How to choose the right casino

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choosing the right casino can be the difference between having a safe, fun and lucrative while against it at worst not to get your winnings paid and that your personal information being abused.

the norwegian casino guide has tested all the casinos we list on a variety of criteria. it helps you make the right choice if you want to play and have an entertaining time ahead the screen. We also recommend ours beginner guide to fresh players.

Free software
all online casinos give you the software for free in the hope that you will play with them. you can either download the software, play online (flash or javaplay) or in some cases get submitted a free cd room. some casinos give you more choices so you via the same account can play swim on the program you downloaded and on an online version. it is for example nice If you are traveling or need a break at work.

Try for you make deposits
online casinos offer all games you can find in land -based casinos as well as some games you can only find online. we recommend you play for "play money" for you play with your own money. most casinos offer this and it gives you a sense of the games and your own Skills for you possibly make a deposit.

Remember to get your bonus
most online casinos offer new customers a bonus on their first deposit. some also offer bonuses to existing customers. often it is a good feeling to play with money that Not your own and try out new games.

you have to remember that in terms of bonuses so do these have alltid et playekrav. altså de må omsettes et visst antall ganger i kasinoet for du kan gjøre ett uttak. dette forhindrer folk i å utnytte bonusene ved å sette inn penger og ta ut bonusen med en gang. husk alltid å lese bonusreglene på kasinoets hjemmeside.

Which casino gaming can i play online?
almost everyone! we think there are very few games you can't find at online casinos that you can find at Land -based. You will find both games that go on skill and also pure happiness games.

Are the casino games fair?
all games at a serious casino are based on a random number generator (rng). these random numbers that are drawn (the casino has no opportunity to paving this) is turned into short, a spin or a roulette ball. all serious casinos are being tested and revised by well -known auditor companies.

Is it legal?
in some countries it is not legal to play at the online casino. in USA, however, it is Completely legal as long as the casino is not in USA.

How do I get help?
all the casinos listed on the norwegian casino guide have customer support. You turn there every time you wonder. Their job is to help you.

many casinos have a very good customer service, but some are quite slow. we test customer support And include it in our reviews. We also publish a monthly test of different customer service.
Read was article about what to do if customer service can't help you.

Make an overview
save on important information such as the name of the casino, the web address, username, password, number deposit, size of deposit etc. it helps you if you lose your password or forget about account names and give you a good overview of how much you have used. Remember that you should never use more than you can afford to lose.

Bonus regards
take a look at the casino's rules, bonus rules, customer service and rules regarding personal information. Make sure you are old enough to play and that they allow games from the country you live in.

Take it funny
relax and don't completely take off if you win by trying to win even more. play controlled and remember that this is entertainment nothing more. not many people get rich in gambling! set a limit on how much you can lose and stop with once you reach this limit. don't drink alcohol when playing. stop when tired. Have fun in a controlled way, that's the point.

There were many advice at once.
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