Deposits and withdrawals at Casino

we give you an overview of different ways to make deposits and withdrawals from internet casinos. we show you what solutions are relevant For USA players.

Extraction of gain from casino and poker sites
the casino usually spends from 0 - 5 days processing your outlet. Then it takes from 0 - 14 days before you get the money depending on the method of withdrawal you use.

The following withdrawal ways are the most common:
Transfer to bank account

transfer to bank account takes from 2 - 10 days depending on where the company is located and How healthy they are.

check is sent in the mail. takes from 5 - 20 days before you get it. You can raise it in USA banks for a fee of NOK 80 - 150 depending on which bank you use.

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Method Description Information

you simply use your own bank card. seems like when you shop online. note! norwegian bank cards work no further in many venues. But some venues still offer deposits/withdrawals with Visa cards.

use of bank cards often entails submission of identification papers for your own and the security of the casino. You may want to use an alternative payment method in addition to bank cards.

you only need an email address to open a skrill (moneybookers) account. you can then transfer money from your bank card or bank account to your Moneybookers account. Then you can play at most casinos. moreabout Skrill (Moneybookers)

simple and decent web -flash book where you can deposit money with bank cards and from your bank account. used by the Most casinos. Sometimes gives you an extra bonus if you use this method. moreabout Neteller

virtually visa cards that are quick to get started. just fill in a single form and fill up the card with your bank card or bank account.

More and more casinos are using this solution and it works very well.
moreabout Entropay
simple and straightforward solution where you transfer money to speedcard from your bank card. withdrawal for bank card or bank account. Used by Casino as CasinoEuro, Betsafe Casino and Betsson. moreabout Speedcard

Weblombok for USA, Swedish and Danish players. Quick deposits and withdrawals with bank cards and bank account. moreabout eWire