Bingo online | Reviews and information

- Overview of online bingo

bingo has gradually become popular online. we are constantly receiving requests to write a little about bingo and test bingo places. we have now started this and we present the results here.

Which bingo sites should you choose?

there are now a number of different bingo sites online. many are serious and keep what they promise. but there are some black sheep. we present here some rooms that our enthusiasts have tested and found Serious and good enough to get an entry with us.

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  • 100% bonus up to 500 $
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More about online bingo

bingo is today one of the most popular online games among norwegians. bingo online first became available in 1996 and since then more and more websites have begun to offer this form of play. today, there are many online casinos that offer bingo games as well as specific bingo sites that focus only on online bingo. thanks to increased popularity in recent years there are now more and more offers about bingo online. we can estimate that around 26 million plays bingo online today - a number that is just continuing to increase.

bingo is simply one of the most famous games in the world and one of the reasons why it is so widespread is that anyone can easily get into the game. bingo is played by short with different number combinations, the players are awarded. if many of your numbers are drawn, you have a chance to win big. there are now several bingo games variants online, but the principle is always the same as regular bingo.Choose straight bingohallthe more cards you buy the greater chance you have to win. the more cards you buy the greater chance you have to winthe more cards you buy the greater chance you have to win.

  • Bingo is usually played with 75 balls
  • There are also 80s, 90-balls and other variants
  • The bingo board is a 5x5 grid

To play bingo online it is necessary to register a personal account. once you have done this, you can take advantage of all the site's features and games. some of these features include chat rooms, special games, bingo matches, bingo news and competitions to win money and prizes. it is wise to do some surveys before choosing your online bingo playground. you should choose an established and reliable supplier so that you have a comfortable and safe gaming experience. the sites usually require a credit card number to make payments, but many allow payment via paypal and the like.

many online bingo sites offer different types of bonuses. these give you the chance to win money, coupons for products and free games. some of the bonuses are related to certain bingo games like bingo tournaments, bonus games and cash games. sites also try to attract new customers by offering bonuses for registration, for the purchase of membership or to make deposits. some websites require you to pay a kind of registration fee to become a member, but these fees can vary widely. on most online casinos and online bingo sites today, registration is completely free.

online bingo has many benefits over traditional bingo, making it very attractive to many users. you do not have to go out of home and can play where and at any time online. previously, online bingo could be experienced as lonely and unsocial, but the bingo playing places have done something about this and now there is actually the opportunity to socialize with other players online. therefore, the only downside of playing online bingo is that players need to have internet access, which is no problem for most people today.

  • Many online casinos and bingo sites offer bonuses
  • Bonuses can be, for example, a deposit bonus or free games
  • Most sites offer free registration today

What should a good online bingo playing place offer?

a good online bingo playground should have many members so there is always plenty of gaming offers and events at all times. since the global launch in the 90s, online bingo has evolved from its traditional bingo games in a variety of ways. and there are now countless variants to choose from. therefore, a modern online bingo cheese will offer a variety of games you can play, making your gaming experience more interesting and entertaining. the bingo pages and game variants that are best for you will depend on your taste and preferences.

a good online bingo service should also offer bonuses and free games to both new and loyal players. the most common is that the website gives you a bonus to register or perform your first deposit. but how to choose a bingo playing place when there are so many offers to choose from? the best way is to read the web and try out a few different pages. later in this guide we will mention some online bingo sites that all offer variety, bonuses and other benefits for their members.


bingo online is very fun but it is not fun if you miss out on winnings or have trouble withdrawing the money. therefore, it is important to make sure that the bingo playing place you choose is to be trusted. a good online bingo cheese should be reliable so that the page does not crash while people play but it should also provide security and protection of personal data so that no one can see your info and gaming activity. it should also have a satisfactory customer service to help players with various inquiries.


security is of course important when playing online make sure you register with a reputable website that has a good reputation and is licensed by an authorized and national licensor. these are organs that supervise and can sanction gaming companies if they operate safely and fair. if you choose the established bingo pages as they mentioned below, they are guaranteed to be trusted. it is also important that the bingo page you choose has a high repayment through winnings, which will increase your chance of making money.

Online bingo jackpots

there are several types of jackpot premiums available on different bingo sites. the most common forms of jackpots are guaranteed jackpots, which has generally lower value than progressive or smoothing jackpots, but gives a greater chance of winning. these work by the current profit amount stated at the beginning of the game and not changing, even though only some few people sign up to participate. progressive jackpots will gradually increase over time if no one wins them. these jackpots can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars or sometimes even millions.

we must also mention sliding jackpots that are the opposite of progressive jackpots. they are actually weakened in value when time goes on. the earlier you win a sliding jackpot, the more money you will win on it. these usually have a specified minimum amount that they cannot sink below. you should know that bingo jackpots do not always come in the form of cash. so-called premium jackpots can consist of other prizes such as new cars, apartments, weekend trips and more. depending on where you are playing, you may need to pay taxes on these prizes.

  • Guaranteed jackpots and progressive jackpots online
  • Prize jackpots and sliding jackpots

Online communities and responsible games

there is a large online community for those who like online bingo. in addition to online bingo sites, there are alternative places where you can find others bingo players. some common places where online players meet include and . here you can interact with friends and other members of the community for example by discussing game variants, sharing information, etc. some other places where players can be found include their own bingo chat rooms, message boards, discussion groups and blogs. for most people, online bingo is a light wine and fun form of entertainment.

but like all games, bingo can create addiction. therefore, be careful and always play responsible. serious pages offering cash games will often allow you to set play limits for yourself so you don't bet more than you can afford. if you find out that you are unable to limit the gambling and your supplier does not offer the opportunity to set your own limits can you customer service to be banned. there are a number of organizations that can help you if you develop a problem with online gaming.

Online bingo faq - questions and answers

  1. What kind of bonuses can you get at online bingo games?
    examples of this can be: - get 200 to play for upon registration - deposit 100 $oner get 100 extra to play for. - next gain x2 (the winnings doubles). many bingo play pages also have their own Reward systems that give you benefits if you are a loyal user. How to make your first deposit.
  2. Are there a wagering requirements for bonuses?
    yes, the wagering requirement determines how much you have to play to withdraw winnings from bonus money. these can vary from bonus to bonus and dependent of which website you play on.
  3. Do you have to check numbers when playing online bingo?
    no, even though there are pages where you can mark the numbers on the board, the software will always fill out your coupon automatically. so you don't have to worry about missing out on winnings you are entitled to, the software will make sure everything goes right. most who play bingo online do not cross the numbers on the board at all so they can just sit back And enjoy the excitement.
    • You don't have to cross out the numbers yourself
    • Online bingo makes it easier to keep track of
  4. Can you play online bingo on your mobile?
    Yes, the vast majority of bingo sites offer games on mobile via app or browser.
  5. Do men play online bingo?
    Yes, many bingo sites focus marketing especially to women, but bingo is almost as popular with men.
  6. What was the first online bingo playing place?
    bingo zone was the world's first online bingo and was established in the united states in 1996. it quickly became very popular and the trend spread to become a global phenomenon in a very short time. one of the reasons for This is that there is great acceptance for the game.
  7. Is it safe to play online bingo?
    yes, if you use a known supplier of bingo services that are licensed then these are monitored and safe. if there is an error or you have other problems, you can submit a complaint to the relevant surveillance body that has published the license. these can ask gaming companies correct in errors and may cause sanctions. but if you use an established supplier, they will always try to avoid this by resolving your case as quickly and painlessly as possible. How to take out your winnings.

Best bingo sites for USA players

when choosing a bingo playing place, the winnings are the most important for most players. therefore it is absolute worth checking which bingo sites have the highest payout before deciding to make a deposit. below you can read a little about some of the best bingo sites online. here, big jackpots, many norwegian players are offered to chat with, and good ease of use. also, it varies greatly between the bingo bonuses at the different casinos, so if you want a good advantage, look at the list below! offers a wide selection of games and slot machines, including live casino and of course bingo! they offer a safe and social environment for all their players. is simply synonymous with fun and relaxation. the website offers a secure payment system and a wide selection of payment options. we recommend the cardholder to print all transaction details, rules of play, cancellation rules and payment methods to avoid misunderstandings later. at you can get a deposit bonus of 500 % up to nok 3,000. this comes in addition to other bonuses and rewards for loyal players.

Mamamia Bingo

Mamamia Bingo is a swedish website registered as a maltese company. the online casino is run by swedish owners who have long experience in the bingo industry after mange år i bransjen. playesiden ble grunnlagt i 2008. i 2017 ble mamamia bingo & casino kjøpt opp av mr. green. på grunn av dette er mamamia bingo i stand til å tilby en europeisk standard. mamamia bingo also offers casino games in addition to bingo. you get a 100 % deposit bonus of up to nok 1,000 the first time you deposit money. this should get you started with the fun games.

mamamia casino & bingo ble utviklet spesielt for deg som liker å ha bingo og nettcasino på ett sted. here you can find big jackpots. they also have many games and a social bingo game. customer service is available in several languages, including norwegian. here is both entertaining and safe to play online bingo. the website is easy to use and they have no withdrawal limit so you can take out your big win! like most online venues, you need to verify your account, but customer service can help you with this if you find it difficult.

Unibet bingo

Unibet bingo is part of unibet's gaming portal, where this is specially designed for bingo players. bingohallen offers players relaxation and lets you play bingo in a pleasant environment with a nice online community. there is also a bingo community at unibet, which is well visited by the players. in the gaming community can you socialize with other users, which provides a better gaming experience and is both social and educational. the bingo room is one of the best prepared parts of the unibet portal and one of the most visited by unibet customers.

unibet bingo is full of players at all times and the service is offered in 13 different languages. this does not only apply for the bingon network, but extends further and offers software in the language the player chooses. this is how the bingo rooms also operate in the same language and you can chat in your own language. unibet has its own bonus offers that are constantly renewed and vary depending on where you live. you can, among other things, get welcome bonuses as well as cash backs and good loyalty benefits. they also offer deposit bonuses for new players. check them out!