Video poker

Video poker games are a relatively new invention, and there is a kind of mix between traditional poker and slot machines.
A video poker game is a competition between you and the machine.

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To make a long story short:
during a video poker game, the donor will hand out two hands to you with up to five cards in each hand. When you get the first hand, you have to decide which cards you want to keep or throw.

the goal is naturally enough to end the game with the best possible hand. The payout at the end of the game depends on the value of the hand you have.

How to play:

  • playing video poker requires only a basic understanding of the composition of different video poker hands. the game itself is simple.
  • decide which coin value you want to play with by going to the coin size (coin value) menu.
  • determine how many coins you want to bet by clicking on the relevant column on the payout plan, or by using the increase buttons and reduce buttons (?).
  • click deal (divide) to start the game.
  • thus, the first short hand in the play area is displayed. study the cards carefully. you should compare the cards on hand with the payout plan on the screen. any winning hands on the first hand will be shown in the payout plan, and if automatic holding is enabled, the hand is held automatically for you.
  • you can hold a card by clicking it and you can cancel the holding by clicking it again. when the cards are held, they are marked so that this is displayed.
  • when you're ready, click the draw (pull) button to get your new cards. the cards that you did not hold will be removed and replaced with new cards from the deck. if the cards make up a winning hand, you can choose between trying to double the money or just getting the winnings paid.
  • once you have been paid the winnings, you can start a new video poker hand by clicking the deal button again.

A little more about two common variants of video poker

Power Poker

Power poker differs from standard video poker in that from the start you are given four identical hands. At the start of each hand, only the first hand appears to you, while the other three hands are with the cards facing down. At this point, the game continues as standard video poker. However, you will notice that when you choose to hold a card, the three identical cards are revealed in the other hands. If you choose to lift the holding of a card, these three identical cards are turned so that they are left with the photo side down. Once you have selected which cards you want to keep, click the Draw button (pull). Thus, you will be given new cards as a replacement for those you threw, and the other hands will be revealed. When the game is completed, the values of the four hands are counted and the total winnings are added to your credit. If you have a winning hand, you will be able to choose between double or to be paid the winnings.

Progressive Poker

Supajax is a video poker game based on the "Jacks or Better" payout plan (jacks or better). Supajax also has a jackpot, which is built up gradually and continuously. You win this pot if you play for five coins and your hand consists of four jacks and the Supajax card.

Please note that Supajax video poker with jackpot is only available to users who play properly. Guest players can see how the jackpot increases, but they cannot participate in the game.

The jackpot is constantly increasing in value, and this value appears and updates regularly during the Supajax game. The jackpot appears as credits, not as coins. In other words, if the jackpot is 5,600, it means a gain of 5,600 credits, and not 5,600 coins.

You can only participate in the global jackpot game if you bet five coins. If you play the jackpot game and bet five coins, and then get four jacks and the Supajax card, you win the jackpot. All players around the world will be informed, while you will be paid the current total value for the jackpot.

Then the jackpot is reset to a fixed minimum value.