USA best casino bonus 2022

there are different types of bonuses available at the various online casinos that often lead to misunderstandings, confusion and unnecessary stress if you do not understand what they are. here i'm going to try to briefly explain the different types of bonuses to you. all bonuses will have a pre -playing requirement before you can withdraw any winnings, so make sure you know what this is and what games are allowed and which ones are not. in this article we have gathered good information for those who want to know more about what a casino bonus is. you will also find information about different types of bonus that exists and how they work. in addition, you find out how to get the best casino bonus.

What is a casino bonus?

these are promotions that allow you to make free money, cryptocurrency or free spins in any of the world's best online casinos. casino bonuses or welcome bonus is also a popular methodology for user attraction that online casinos have used very actively in recent years, simply to attract new customers. or to keep the customers they already have. most of these bonuses consist of gifts that the casinos provide to new (or already existing) users, who are often linked to other conditions.

the casinos often offer a wide selection of bonuses. it all depends on what offer you are presented with. in most cases new users are welcome to online casinos with the opportunity to play free slot machines in the virtual machines.

before you take out your winnings from the online casino, you probably need to spend some of your own money first. this is a methodology used by the casino to ensure you are obliged to their page. it also means that you may lose the winnings from your casino bonus before you can take them out. this will happen unless you require a casino bonus that is proven to be fair.

How does a casino bonus work?

a casino bonus is a campaign that a casino provides exclusively to members of the community. casino bonuses can give players free bonus money, free spins, free games on gaming book or other rewards that may be required by making a deposit, registering at a casino or by performing certain actions on the page.

in fact, most casino bonuses are optional. since you get a number of conditions to go along with your free money, it means you can choose not to be part of these conditions always. some of these conditions may mean that you will not be able to withdraw money from your casino bonus until you have spent a certain amount on the casino.

either way, most casinos offer you the chance to take your bonuses and then opt out of the offer whenever you want. these offers vary from deposit bonuses (you can get over 100 % of the deposit yours in free money) for slot machine spins in other casino games.

How to get a bonus?

there are several ways you are offered a bonus at a casino. this usually happens either by registering as a new customer at the casino. then you get something like called a welcome bonus. this casino bonus is often meant to be used by you who are new to get to know the various games offered at the casino. this may be either either about money you get by depositing money, ie deposit bonus. it can also be a bonus you get to get a number of free spins at a slot machine.

another way you can also acquire casino bonuses are by getting so -called loyalty bonuses. you can get this through that you are already a customer at a casino. regularly the casino will send out various bonuses you can use to keep you as a customer there.

How to find the best casino bonuses?

using an online casino bonus guide is a quick and easy way to find the best bonuses. online casino players can find all the knowledge they need in these sources. they will provide a comprehensive list of the most famous online casinos, along with information about the bonuses they offer and the jurisdictions they are registered in. finding the correct casino with excellent bonuses and then discovering that it is not available in your area is no longer a problem when using a guide.

find an online casino provider that also lets you focus on athletic events and offers bonuses related to sports betting if you are a fan. this way, if you wish to bet at significant sports competitions, you can still get a return even if your bets fail. or you choose to play your casino bonus at the online casino itself.

there is a high probability that many of your loved ones also like to play at online casinos because they have become so popular. you can also ask friends and family if they have any suggestions. online casinos already approved by people you know may not provide the most comprehensive overview of available bonuses, but they will lead you to those already approved by people you maybe know. at the norwegian casino guide you will always find big overviews of the best casino bonuses.

in an online casino you will find a casino and a casino bonus that fits your preferences, whether you spin your favorite machines at repeat, try to play through the entire slot machine library, or play table games against ai or with a live dealer. it's as simple as finding it and starting to play with your casino deposit bonus.

Which casino offers the best casino bonus?

it will constantly vary which casino offers the best bonus. in the market there are very many different casinos that would like to lure you to them to play. therefore, it is also important that the casinos constantly renew themselves so that you can benefit from the various bonuses they offer. the casinos will be able to vary what bonuses they advertise and want to offer new customers and already established customers.

  • 500% bonus up to 500 $
35 x b
  • 500% bonus up to 500 $
35 x (b+i)
  • 500% bonus up to 500 $
    + 100 FS
35 x (b+i)
  • 500% bonus up to 500 $
35 x (b+i)
  • 500% bonus up to 500 $
  • 100 $
    with no deposit
35 x (b+i)
  • 500% bonus up to 5000 $
20 x b
  • 500% bonus up to 500 $
50 x b
  • 500% bonus up to 500 $
35 x b
  • 400% bonus up to 10000 $
45 x b
  • 400% bonus up to 800 $
    + 100 FS
  • Minimum 10 free spins
    with no deposit
45 x b

Which casino bonus is available?

welcome bonuses are the most common type of incentive offered by online casinos. almost all casinos have a campaign to lure new customers. free spins and deposit matching are common examples of these offers. in the best cases, they will offer both. some online casinos only let you use the free spins on a limited number of slot machines, which can be frustrating if you saw another game. be careful about this.

vip or loyalty programs are the last type of incentive that most online casinos offer. online casinos can use these programs to reward loyal customers. special weekly offers, discounts, deposit matching for specific games and other benefits are regular bonuses.

when a player rises in the ranks of an online casino vip program, he or she will be rewarded with more generous incentives. although it may sound like exaggerating the matter, some of these programs are problematic because of their superior quality. loyalty points can make you feel like you are missing something when playing at another casino.

No deposit bonus

this is the simplest of all the bonuses, also known as no deposit bonus and is a regular norwegian casino bonus. all you have to do is register a real player account at the casino that offers this bonus and you will receive the money. you don't have to make a deposit to receive it, that's what we call a casino bonus without deposit. sometimes it will automatically enter your account and sometimes you need to claim the bonus via email or a submission form on their website. but mainly it is very simple. and this is often referred to as the best deposit bonus casino.

there may be restrictions on this bonus at the various casinos, but you need to make sure to read their terms and conditions and make sure you understand the rules. one of the boundary can for example, include a maximum amount you can withdraw using the bonus. it may also be that some casinos do not have this limit, but you will require you to make a symbol deposit before you takes out your winnings.

Match bonus

this is a bonus you receive when you make a deposit at a casino. they will match your deposit with a certain percentage of your total deposit. for example; a casino offers you a 100 % match bonus up to nok 2,000. this means that they will give you 100 % in free money on any deposit amount you earn up to nok 2,000. that is to say that if you deposit nok 1,000, you will receive the same amount in bonus money. this means that your bank role is nok 2,000. there are many casinos who want to be the one offering best online casino match bonus.

this bonus is usually used for new players who make their first deposit at an online casino. the factor one usually notices with these bonuses is the percentage amount to calculate the value you get for the money.

Casino Bonus

this is a first deposit bonus where you know what you get, irrelevant by the amount you deposit. an example could be if a casino offers you free 100 $oner if you deposit at least 200 $oner. it will give you a bankroll of 100 $oner you can play with. but if you deposit 500 $oner, you still only get 100 $oner. again, this is math. if you compare it with the match bonus to another casino, you can find that by depositing 200 $oner you get more for the money. here it will mean that you get 400%.

So before you reject a casino that offers you a bonus that initially appears to be low, make sure you find out what it will mean if you make the smallest deposit required.

Sticky Bonus

this is a bonus that a casino offers you to play with, but you can't withdraw the bonus amount. that basically means you want to receive free money to play with. and when you reach the playback requirement, you can only withdraw any winnings that are beyond the original bonus amount. the bonus money will be removed from your account when you make a withdrawal.

these casinos are generally very generous with their bonuses because of this reason, so you can end up playing with a truly massive bankroll. some casinos will offer you up to nok 3,000 in bonuses alone. this means that you can play on the games with the maximum number of coins and bets, which gives you a much better payout ratio when you hit the big winnings.

Exclusive casino bonus

the name says everything. these are bonuses that you will see on some websites where the casino has entered into an exclusive deal to offer its members an exciting bonus. these often go by the name exclusive casino no deposit bonus. they are intended to keep already existing customers in providing so -called vip bonuses. if you show you to be a faithful and loyal customer. this can be sponsored by other web suppliers that make them often very favorable and have high prizes. such a bonus could be any of the above variants, so always make sure you read the details of the offer and terms and conditions for the casino.

Loyalty bonus

loyalty bonuses are given to players who have reached some status at an online casino and are one of many norwegian casino bonuses. the amounts and types of the bonus will vary from casino to casino. some casinos will not require you as a customer to play through these - but just some. you usually need to meet a token requirement to pay them.

Which casino bonus is best?

there are many bonuses on the market. this can also help to make it difficult to find the norwegian casino bonus that suits you. several of them are described above. there are both benefits and some challenges with several of them. if, on the other hand, you read up well on what they entail by conditions and terms, want to find the bonus you like and can use.

How to get a welcome bonus?

when you sign up at a casino, you get a casino bonus on registration. you will most likely be few casino bonus offers a welcome bonus. exact what this means often varies from casino to casino. some casinos want to offer you a bonus where you can play different slot machines. this can be the best casino welcome bonus. others offer you deposit bonus so you get free money you can play for, without spending your own money. there is also what is called live casino welcome bonus.

You get the welcome bonus by joining an online casino. This is a personal bonus and you cannot create new accounts to receive new welcome bonuses.

Terms and Conditions of Casino Bonuses

free bonus each player receives at each online casino is one of the best tools for these gambling sites to compete with each other. and there is no need to say that the players love them. what is not to love - free money just to choose a casino? you would be crazy to skip this kind of opportunity to increase the bank role yours before you spin the virtual slot machines at all.

but a wrong new online casino players do when they first join a gambling site (possibly the lid of the large welcome bonus offer) is not to prepare for the wagering requirements all casinos add their bonuses. they go under many names: wagering requirements, pre -playing requirements, rollover, but they all mean one thing - the fine bonus comes with some strings. and here would we explain these wagering requirements in a simple but brief way. you will find out what is a bonus requirement for playout, how it works, how you best satisfy it, and much more.


let's briefly imagine a situation where an online casino offers a 100 % match bonus to new customers. when we quickly think about our feet, we can say: "hmm, i'll just put in, get the bonus and take it all right away! ”, row double your money without absolutely no risk, who doesn't want part of this imaginary cake?

well, this is where the wagering requirements come into play. since the online casinos are not run by idiots, each casino bonus comes with certain "playing requirements" before the customer can take out the winnings from the bonus (and/or the bonus itself, depending on whether it is a cashable or non-payable bonus). in a nutshell, the player must bet (or "play through") a certain amount before the money will be eligible for withdrawals.

Through -playing requirements on casino bonus

although there is some basic mathematics involved, it is very easy to understand how the wagering requirements for casino bonuses work. as mentioned, each bonus will follow them, and they are expressed as a multiplier of your bonus and deposit amount. let's look at an example, and we promise everything clicks right into place. for example, a 100 % welcome bonus from an online casino can come up with a "6 x deposit + bonus", as a pre -play requirement. this means that the wagering requirement should be equal to or greater than six times the combined amount for the deposit and bonus.

so let's imagine the player depositing 50 $oner. they get another 50 $oner for free, as part of the welcome bonus, and start with a total of nok 100. by using our walking requirements of 6 x deposit + bonus, this means that in this case the player must bet at least nok 500 before they can withdraw some of the winnings. in other words, you need to place bets at 500 inns to satisfy these wagering requirements.

Therefore, it follows the basics of calculating and removing the wagering requirements this formula:

  • Find out the pre -play multiplier (for example, 5x, 10x, 25x, etc.)
  • Add bonus and deposit amount
  • Multiply this amount with the input multiplier
  • Place bets in the amount of the wagering requirement or higher
  • Take out your winnings and bonus

due to the bonus offers at the casinos, the playback requirements will almost always come as a multiple of your bonus and deposit amount. the casino doesn't really know the exact amount you want to insert. it helps to make this overall rule very easy to calculate the bet amount needed. and regardless of the actual amount in $oner that has been deposited.

Benefits of Casino Bonuses

There are many benefits to playing with casino bonuses. In this list we have gathered some of the most central benefits.

They let you play longer

basically, casino bonuses are free money. and there are many who want to give you the biggest casino bonus. if you have a budget and do not have enough money to spend on games, they can really spice up your experience. they can increase your bank role with multiple deposit bonuses. and you can claim them when you sign up at a casino for the first time. with a larger casino bankroll you get more playing time that you can use to try out your favorite games. in addition, you will also have the opportunity to test out the casino bonus games, something you do not could without bonus.

You can try out slot machines for free

another good thing about bonuses is the availability of free spins. you can be assigned free spins with a cash bonus when you register at an online casino. free spins are offered usually on popular video slots such as starburst, bonanza or gonzo's quest. with such a reward you get a great opportunity to try out and explore new slots without using your own money. this is what is called casino bonus free slots or free spins.

They give greater chances to win large sums

In addition to registration bonuses, many gambling pages also assign other campaigns such as cashbacks, bonuses without deposits and VIP rewards. You will enjoy these bonuses if you are a member of a loyalty program or after participating in various gambling tournaments. Not only do these bonuses increase your bankroll and expand playing, but also give you more chances to win large amounts of money.

Important to keep in mind if casino bonuses

There is something that is important to keep in mind when deciding to accept a casino bonus. This can be if it is from a no deposit bonus casino, or whether it is a casino bonus without wagering requirements.

No withdrawals until the wagering requirements are met

Although casino bonuses are fantastic, they also come up with some insurmountable conditions. One of them is wagering requirements that are a major challenge for players. These requirements often require you to place an effort several times before you can withdraw your bonus gains. This is sometimes disappointing, especially if your gaming sessions lead to an empty bankroll.

Restrictions on games you can play

Not all casino bonuses can be used on all games on a gambling page. In fact, some bonuses cover just a few games. Therefore, it is very important to understand the terms that apply to any bonus you want to demand, including the maximum bet limits. In addition, make sure you are aware of the types of games that contribute to your bet when you require a bonus.

Misleading terms and conditions

With some Casino Bonus USA, most of it is in discovering what is in the details. Reading it in small print can and will be wise. Although an offer of best casino deposit bonus is great, they are often filled with misleading terms. This can really disappoint you. For example, you can receive 100 free spins, and you will be happy, just to discover that they are only valid for 2 hours. Similarly, you can get some bonus funds, but that expire in one day. So always read the nice font of bonuses to avoid remorse later.

FAQ om casino bonus

1. What is a bonus without deposit?

a bonus without deposit is a campaign that offers free money or credits at an online casino. this type of bonus lets players test out games and play without risk or require a deposit; however, No Deposit Bonuses are subject to wagering requirements.

2. What are the wagering requirements?

the wagering requirement is the playing amount required to qualify for an outlet of winnings after games with a casino bonus. an example of a $ 20 bonus without deposit with 30x playback in simple mathematical terms is 20 x 30 = $ 600. whereby the player has to bet $ 600 before qualifying for an outlet on winnings. you can support or live chat to check the bet you have completed while playing your bonus, this will give you a good indication of whether you are close to a win or not.

3. How do I solve a bonus without deposit?

a bonus without deposit may be required in one of three ways. a unique coupon code or bonus code is entered in the online casino box or for a new player during the registration process. some online casinos require players to ask for the free bonus via live chat or email. finally, a bonus without deposit can automatically be credited to the player's account.

4. What casino games count to meet the wagering requirements?

each online casino will specify which games are allowed. it is important to read the terms and conditions associated with the bonus without deposits describing the rules. notice the qualifying games and percentage to meet wagering requirements, slot machines (not including progressive) will always count 100 % against turnover and table games like blackjack are usually 2 %. players can choose to play non-qualified games; however, bets will not count against playout. in some cases, games like those with progressive jackpots or certain table games are strictly prohibited and can cause all winnings to become invalid.

5. What is considered fair wagering requirements?

walking requirements for bonuses without deposits are generally considered fair between 20 and 40 times. any bonus subject to a wagering requirement of 50x or more will be difficult to fulfill. for example, $ 50 x 50 = $ 2500 playout.

6. Why offer casinos casino bonus without having to deposit money?

in a very competitive market, online casinos offer campaigns for free bonuses to attract new players. it is also to compete with land -based casinos where free money and comp. existing players are also awarded free jetons as an appreciation for their loyalty.

7. Is it important to require a bonus without a deposit from a reputable online casino?

yes, it is important to register and require a free bonus at a reputable online casino. this will help players avoid the confiscation of winnings, which is often the case at rogue online casinos. if you are unsure of the integrity of an online casino, you can see our warning symbol located next to the casino name on the forum and on the casino coverage page. investigate more by visiting our casino warning list.

8. Who is eligible to receive a bonus without deposit?

new players register an account and through promotional offers for existing players who get free jetons or a loyalty bonus.

9. Why maybe I am not eligible for a bonus without deposit?

there are several reasons why a player may not be qualified and depends on the terms and conditions of the offer. reasons not to qualify include: limited country, require two bonuses in a row, two players living in a household sharing the same ip address, bonus addict, and under certain circumstances allow online casino groups to just one free chips among their brands.

10. What is an abuser of a casino bonus without deposit?

a player who records an account under different aliases to receive the same bonus several times. also a player who claims two or more free jets in a row without making a deposit in between.

11. Can I take out winnings from a bonus without deposit?

it depends on the type of free bonus offered and the terms and conditions associated with the offer. a bonus without deposit should not be confused with a free trial offer that is basically fun money that does not allow withdrawal on accumulated winnings. gains from a bonus without deposit may require a deposit before a withdrawal is allowed. there are two types of deposits without a deposit, including a payable bonus and a bonus that cannot be paid out.

12. What is the difference between a payable versus non-payable bonus?

a cashable bonus allows players to take the free money from the bonus winnings. a bonus that cannot be paid out, aka a "sticky bonus" does not allow a player to take out any part of the free cash bonus from their total gains and will be drawn during the treatment period. 13. What is the maximum withdrawal amount related to bonus without deposit?

this depends on the terms and conditions implemented by the online casino. the maximum withdrawal amount varies from one casino to the next. to give you a better idea of what to expect if you win, the maximum payout amount usually varies from $ 50 to $ 200.