If you want to win big money on slot machines and let's realize it, who doesn't, then there are a couple of options open to you. You can play slot machines with progressive jackpots, or choose the slot machines that have higher potential payments than average. On this page you will find everything about both options. Not only do you want to see the slot machines with the biggest jackpots online, you will also find a list of games where you can win the biggest money amounts.

Overview of the biggest online jackpots

For those of you who want the chance to win real life -changing money, slot machines with progressive jackpots are the logical choice. Still, not all these slot machines have particularly high jackpots or are particularly entertaining to play. Here you can see an overview of the 3 best jackpot machines, which are popular, entertaining and give the chance to win staggering sums of money. In fact, all these games have paid individual jackpots of over a million each.

If you want to know how high a progressive jackpot can now, then you don't have to look any longer than to Mega Moungah.. This game recently set a new world record for the highest payout from a slot machine online. The enormous gain of € 17.89 million broke just the previous record of € 17.8 million, which was set by MEGA FORTUNE.. the sequel to this game - mega fortune dreams is probably a big hit among players, thanks to its constantly high jackpot, which regularly extends to millions.

Where do you find the biggest jackpots?

Largest jackpot win: Mega Fortune - about 188 million $oner
Other big jackpot games at NetEnt: Hall of Gods, Cosmic Nights, Arabian Nights, Mega Fortune Dreams
Recommend Casino with NetEnt Jackpot Games: Invoice, unibet casino, Casino Winner

PLAYPORTED: microgaming
Largest jackpot win: Mega Moolah - about 145 million $oner
Other big jackpot games at Microgaming: King Kashalot, Major Millions
Recommend Casino with Microgaming Jackpot Games: Big player, comeon casino, Betway Casino

Largest jackpot win: Beach Life - about £ 68 million
Other big jackpot games at Playtech: Gladiator, Monty Python's Spamalot, Sweet Party, Jackpot Giant
Recommend Casino with Playtech Jackpot Games: Bitstarz, Casinoeuro, Get Lucky

it's not just netent, playtech and microgaming that offer jackpot machines. there are other, smaller providers who also offer slot machines with jackpots. many of their jackpots are relatively small, but there are some exceptions, where large prizes can be won.

Slot machines with the possibility of big winnings

big gains are not exclusive to jackpot machines. there are some games that give huge potential payments, much higher than many others. to find the highest possible payout, usually take the highest paying symbol and multiply it by the number of paylines. nevertheless, there are several other factors that can affect the maximum payout. these include the different types of bets per spin, bets per payline and bet levels. in addition, the inclusion of free spins, wilds, bonus rounds, multipliers and so on can affect maximum gain. therefore, it is not always clear at first glance what the maximum potential payout for a given slot machine is.

Slot machines with opportunities for extra big winnings: gonzo's quest, starburst, immortal romance, sparks, gladiator

What are progressive slot machines and how do they work?

while the core game of progressive slot machines is the same as on a regular online slot machine, prizes are paid differently. As the name suggests, progressive slot machines do not have a fixed prize, but rather a jackpot prize that develops and grows with each bet placed on the slot machine. Unlike the standard online slot machines that have prizes based on each player's efforts, progressive slot machines have a jackpot that is a community premium that increases with each bet made on the game.

Jackpot premium component
The progressive slot machine developer, or in some cases the casino operator, finances the first jackpot with a certain prize money called Jackpot Seed. In addition, a certain amount is added from each bet a player makes on the progressive slot machine of the jackpot that will continue to grow to a lucky player will land the winning combination of symbols and trigger the jackpot. When won, new seed money is placed and the jackpot will start to grow/progress again. So the longer a progressive slot machine goes without a win, the larger the jackpot grows.

in many cases, progressive jackpots are not only related to one slot machine, but run over a casino site, a network of websites or series of slot machines. by spreading the jackpot on many websites and games, developers and casinos can provide truly huge jackpots.

It is also worth noting that the game developer is building an insurance component into the jackpot. In particular, a small part of each effort goes to maintain Jackpot Seed and Premi -Likvidity. Doing it ensures that the developer is always able to pay out prizes when the jackpot is won.

Jackpot-overlit There is a lot of superstition about progressive slot machines. Some gamblers will never play a progressive slot machine if the jackpot has just been won and think it is impossible to trigger the jackpot again. It is a false assumption because there is no truth behind the pattern of online slot machines. Each progressive track is regulated by an RNG (Radom Number Generator), which ensures that each spin outcome is random. Although you should remember that it is always better to wait until the jackpot builds up before playing a progressive slot machine that has recently reset.

Standalone progressive
Freestanding progressive slot machines are perhaps the simplest variant of progressive jackpot machines. These slot machines are not connected to a network or other casinos. Instead, there is a traditional online slot machine that requires a fraction of each effort to increase the jackpot. Due to the more limited potential for increasing the jackpot, a standalone progressive slot machine will not have prizes compared to other progressive slot machines online.

With standalone progressive slot machines, each machine will have its own jackpot, which can only be won on that machine. In contrast, a local progressive jackpot can be won by playing any of the machines in a network as they are all connected.

Local progressive
a local progressive is similar to a standalone progressive slot machine because it collects bets from a single casino and not a network. sometimes the progressive jackpot will increase from several slot machines at the same casino instead of just a single game. still, the idea is the same, since there is no network of games that allow jackpots to increase to astronomical levels. For example, let's assume that Casino A and Casino B have the same progressive slot machine. Although it is exactly the same game, the jackpot will vary from one to the other. That's because only games done at Casino A want to count against the progressive jackpot. Similarly, only games done at Casino B will count against that jackpot.

More about progressive jackpots at online casino
When considering where to choose to play online, it is important to weigh up which games the casinos have to offer. Most online casinos have several of the same games, so you should look for the unique points the casinos have to offer. Check out more casinos and see which ones give you the most action for the money.

if you like slot machines online you should look for someone who lets you win a progressive jackpot. let's take a closer look at what this is first.

What is a progressive jackpot?

Just as the name implies, a progressive jackpot is one that grows and grows over time.

all slot machines have a jackpot, but they are normally set at a given sum. it does not change over time. if you play on an automatic that has a progressive jackpot, the pot grows every time you play.

when you play online you can find progressive jackpots that actually grow and grow based on the total sum all players in the world play for. it can mean a real life -changing opportunity for someone who just plays for fun.

Check the jackpot meter

Fortunately, you don't have to guess how much is in the pot. Your online casino has a jackpot meter that shows how much it is on. In many cases, you see the meter increase in front of your eyes, based on how much you and other players play for.

if you don't see a jackpot meter, you can wonder if it's really a real progressive jackpot. the casino may have a regular jackpot, but uses the expression to get more people interested.

therefore, it is also important not only to rely on casinos that say they have a progressive jackpot. if you do not know the casino well, you should do a background check first. casinos are not always honest, and some use dishonest methods to entice you. you should also check out exactly how they calculate the maximum spot.

The Max Bet and Currency is important

For example, be careful about participating in the progressive jackpot, check that knows how much money you need to play for to participate in the progressive jackpot. It will almost always be "max bet". Although you may not play Max Bet every time you spins, you also do not want to get in a situation where you could win the jackpot, but do not get it because you did not follow the rules.

another detail to keep in mind is that the jackpot is paid out in mercy currency. that's why many experienced players play vending machines in a "cheaper" currency, such as dollars instead of euros, because the odds are a little better. this is again something that is important to think about before you start playing.

winning a progressive jackpot is something every player dreams of. now that you understand progressive jackpots a little better, hopefully you have a greater chance of fulfilling your dream.