Introduction to Blackjack

1. Learn Blackjack

this is a small introductory course in blackjack. Follow each point down and try to understand it before proceeding. It's easy.

2. Why play blackjack?

- It is fun and easy to learn

- Do you use optimal strategy is average
Refund percentage 98 - 99.6%

- profitable to use when playing bonuses

3. Optimal Strategy I Blackjack

Print our blackjack table
we have created a graphic table of optimal strategy in blackjack. You can print this on paper and have lying in front of you.

Download the optimal strategy sheet here
(Right -click and select "Save As ...")


Go to this page and write it out

4. Purpose in Blackjack

The rules
before you can play, you must be able to do the rules of course. You need to know what the purpose of Blackjack is, ie how the winner is determined.

it is important to get almost 21 points, but not over, then you have lost. after playing, the dealer draws briefly until he has at least 17 points. If the dealer gets over 21 points you have won whatever you have.

if not winning the closest 21. if it gets the same, you get the effort back. The winnings are 1 x what you bet. If you get blackjack, the winnings are greater.

5. Short values in blackjack

Cards 2 - 10
The value is the short value.

Always remember that the color
don't matter.

The photo cards
These are always worth 10.

This card is worth 1 or 11.

6. The very game itself

Two playing cards are handed (as you see) and a visible one for the dealer.

What can you do then?
you can remain standing (stand), draw a card (hit), double the insert (double) or split (split).

These terms are explained to the next pages.

7. HIT

You draw another card.
now you have the opportunity to either stand or pull another card. you don't have the ability to double or split after you pull a map.


You don't draw any more cards.
it is now the dealer's turn to draw cards. he pulls to He comes to 17 or more (different variants at some casinos) or goes over 21.


You double your bet.
You only get another card. It's then the bank's turn.


You split your hand in two new Hends.
if you have two cards of the same value you have the option to split your hand in two new hands. at the same time, you double your bet. you will then be given a new card to each of the new hands. Then for each hand, you should decide if you want to stand, draw more cards, split, etc.

some casinos only allow you to split one times and others allow only you Get an extra card if you split ace. Therefore, check the rules before playing.

11. Insurance (Insurance)

If the dealer has an ace you can buy insurance.
this is paid if the dealer gets blackjack. it rarely pays off or never in the long run. So never buy insurance.


Two cards that together are 21.
If you get blackjack you win your money 1½ times + the bet back also of course.

if dealer blackjack you only lose your bet. if you get both blackjack you only get your bet back. If you get blackjack after splitting two aces, you only get your money once + bet back.


Short combination with ace.
"soft" with a number afterwards means that This hand contains an ace.

(A + 6 = Soft 17, A + 6 + 10 = Hard 17)

in some casinos the dealer stops at "soft 17" and In others he draws another card. Check the rules in the casino you are playing.

14. Blackjack form

Now use the Blackjack form.
At the top of this guide we gave you the link to our blackjack form. Download it down and we recommend you print it and have it next to you when you play.

if you follow it slavishly, you should be left average with 98% of your efforts. at some casinos you can play blackjack to fulfill The bonus requirement. It can make you profits on many offers.

How to use the Blackjack form.
in the top horizontal line of the form you will find the dealer's card. (the first card the dealer has got handed out.) From 2 to ace.

Now use the Blackjack form.
in the vertical column at the far left you will find your Combination of cards.

where your row and the dealer's column crosses each other finds you the best statistical feature. follow it every time for it gives Statistically best odds.

to the right of the form you will find explanations of the abbreviations We use in the form.

Some tips in blackjack

We end with some tips.
it may be a good idea to start by playing with small bets. it is then less likely to lose the bonus before you have fulfilled the requirement. But in return, the chance of winning a lot is less.