we are constantly hearing news about big lotteries abroad. especially when big jackpots go. euro millions is perhaps the most famous The lottery where the jackpot is at least € 15,000,000 (ie over NOK 125 million).

now it is possible to participate in the euro millions and other big lotto games via the internet. Via lotteriagenten you can now buy coupons and participate.

Euro Millions

What are Euro Millions?
this is a european lottery game that takes place once a week. Every Friday night winners are drawn. Is known for big jackpots.

coupons are sold to euromillions in the following countries: austria, belgium, france, ireland, luxembourg, portugal, spain, switzerland and uk. and now also via the internet! this large spread ensures great prizes and makes the lottery Even more popular.

if no one wins the main prize it goes over to the following week and can therefore within a few weeks, over 100 million euros. this makes euro millions one of The biggest lotteries in the world and one of the most exciting!

The story to Euro Millions
the intention was that the euro millions should start in 1994, while the launch of a joint european coin unit, the euro. but bureaucracy, politics and various other factors made the launch were constantly postponed and not started until ten years later.

the first draw took place on friday 13th of february 2004. the highest jackpot has been over 183 million euros. this one was won and divided by three people. The biggest single win is just over 115 million euros and was won by Delores McNamara.

How can you play Euro Millions and other big Lotto games?

Lottery now offers games of around 50 of the biggest lottery games in the world.

Go to and sign up for free.

through this page you can then buy coupons in euro millions and a number of other lottery games. like for example. Powerball, mega millions, u.k. - national lottery, super 7 in canada, hot lotto usa, lotto fra svenska spel, superenalotto fra italia, mega-sena i brasil, megabucks fra oregon og super lotto fra california.


You pay with Visa / MasterCard / Diners Club or with Neteller.

we are testing now and so far everything works very well. Feel free to write about your experiences in our forum. You get direct photocopy of your lottery coupons in your account. It is good.

also be aware of all the scams the emails online who tells you that you have won. you find out if you have won by checking the results yourself, either on the lottery's website or at Here you will also see your possible winnings.

there is a lot of wondering how it is possible to join these lottery games. the rules often say that you must be resident in it or the country or the state. has local representatives all these places that buy the coupons from approved sales. They receive gain and transfer them directly to clients account.

all of the representatives are audited by auditor firms and the gains are insured in the well -known insurance company Lloyd's of London.

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