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What do you do if you do not get your winnings paid? Hopefully this will not happen, but should you be unlucky to get down a junk casino, it is okay to know what to do and where to go.

1. First and foremost, the casino's customer service for help and inquire about why you do not get your money paid.

2. If this is not useful, or they are not helpful, you must proceed and take up the case with a license issuer. If you have chosen a casino that does not have a valid license, then you are run!

3. if this does not help, you can us at the norwegian casino guide - we have helped players in more than 300 different issues and we have got many casinos to turn around and pay the players anyway. a quick count shows that we have solved about 3 out of 5 inquiries. it is often Disagreement on bonus rules, or submission of documents or difficulties in sending money to USA that is the biggest problem. We can only help you with the casino listed on this page.

it is incredibly important that you choose a casino that has the papers in order. a serious online casino should be registered with one of the ten licensing bodies found in the world. as a norwegian player, you have the greatest security and dividend if you choose a casino that has a license from the malta gaming authority. this for several reasons: both because you receive tax exemptions on profit payments and that the maltese gaming regulations require its members to act according to laws and regulations for gambling. they also require their members to comply with rules in the privacy act, as well as to use random number generator to give you fair games.

Be careful
It's not just about staying on the right path through the ever -closer casino jungle. New players are emerging, and it is difficult to keep up with everything that happens in the industry. Also, know that quite a few players put the hook on the door, and that's a reason. The players are exposed to strong competition, and it does not take much error until a player ends up. The player may have papers in order, but fails in the second paragraph such as customer service or payout. Therefore, you can always have it as a key rule that you withdraw your money as soon as you win them.

one should show caution in the big jungle of casinos. you may want to look at websites that mention the different websites and give you tips on where to find the most serious players. these websites have tested all aspects of the casinos, also what kind of payout policy they have. read the reviews carefully, and if you find text that suggests payout problems, you simply control away. here you will benefit from other users' experiences with the casinos, and feel free to guide them. this is how you do not have to do all the research, and rather concentrate on playing!

Check customer service
A well -functioning customer service is Alfa Omega if you have problems at an online casino. Before choosing to register at the casino, always check what kind of customer service they have. It should be easy to get in touch with customer employees, and you should have more choice options for methods. If they have a 24 -hour service, this is definitely an advantage. In any problem, whether it be technical problems, games or payout, it is important that you get immediate and knowledgeable help there and then. If they have customer service in your own language, it is the icing on the cake that makes the big difference!

customer service should also include a good faq section, where you can find answers to all types of questions related to casino games, payments and payments. feel free to look through this section before you start playing, so you better know what to do if something should happen. a good faq section is often divided according to themes, so it should be easy to find your area of interest. on the casino's website there will also be a tab that deals with payment and payment. find it and read everything that is in it before you sign up and start playing at the casino!

Sign from
If you have poor experience with a casino, be sure to spread your experience online. Feel free to write to us so that we can include your experience in the USA Casino Guides reviews. This is especially true if you have trouble getting your winnings paid, so you can warn other players. That way you can also get in touch with other players who have experienced the same as you, and exchange experiences and tips. Maybe other players have found the way to go about, and you can take advantage of their method. The more people who report when they experience something negative with a casino, the more potential players will be warned.

Websites specializing in comparing online casinos, such as USA casino guide, usually deals with both positive and negative aspects of a casino. those who write the reviews are usually habile casino players, who are not affiliated with any players. you will therefore receive honest descriptions of what they experience at the various casinos - both positive and negative experiences are portrayed in a good way. many of these pages are also interested in hearing your experiences, so here you have the opportunity to express problems you may have to face at an online casino. some also help you "bring your case".

Don't bet too much right away
To be completely on the safe side, you may want to not bet too much money when registering at a new online casino (if it is not a reputable casino you know you can trust). Although it may seem safe, you should experience in first -hand how they handle payouts. As soon as money is paid out in your gaming account, take them out! If the first payouts go smoothly, the next one will probably go just as well. Only then can you start to bet with a slightly larger scope, and let the gains accumulate to slightly larger payments.

Malta Gaming Authority
When choosing a new casino to play, it is important that it has a valid play license. Most preferably, they should have a license from the Malta Gaming Authority, which also covers USA customers in addition to getting tax exemptions on individual gains up to NOK 10,000. Should you have problems with payout, or something else, at a Casino with Maltese license, it is the Malta Gaming Authority who is the supreme authority and responsible for everything to go right. As a license issuer, their job is to protect you as a player, while also guaranteeing you fair games.

As a license issuer, the Malta Gaming Authority will regulate the business of its players (casinos), give you as a consumer guidance, protect your money and make sure you get 100 % secure payments and payments. If you send them a complaint about one of their licensed players, they will take your inquiry seriously and immediately investigate the casino on your behalf as a player. If they discover that the casino has appeared junk towards you, it will have consequences for the casino in the form of a license withdrawal, and the license issuer will be responsible for paying the money you are entitled to from the casino.

Processing time on withdrawal request
If it takes time before you get your winnings paid, it doesn't necessarily mean that the casino is junk or not want to give you the payout. Most casinos operate with treatment time on withdrawal request, which can be anywhere from a few hours to two days. If your account is not verified, the casino may ask you for the required documentation as an ID, confirmation of the housing address etc. This means that the payment is postponed somewhat, but fortunately is a one -time process that does not need to be repeated. The next time you ask for a profit of gain, it will go faster because your account is already verified.

the type of payment method also has something to say for the speed of the payments. as a rule, the casino will make payments with the same method you used for payment. this is statutory and implemented to the extent that your payment method allows withdrawals. if it does not, you must choose a different method of withdrawal. as a rule, e-wallets will be the fastest option. often, the transfer to the e-wallet will take just hours after the withdrawal request is approved. if you use a bank card, you must expect some working days. if you choose a check or bank transfer for withdrawals, you have to wait a few days - this is by far the most time -consuming methods.

Anti -White Washing Act and Privacy Act
New money laundering rules impose a number of measures on all online casinos to ensure the consumer's integrity, while at the same time one with this will avoid attempts at fraud, corruption and illegal financing of terrorist activities, etc. Therefore, the casinos are required, among other things, to use the same method for withdrawal as for deposits. If you put in money with a bank card, any payment will also automatically be made to the same bank card even if you would like to have more choices. So it is not the casino that is reluctant but European laws that require them to act accordingly. However, you get a choice if your payment method does not allow payment.

a licensed casino is also required to follow the privacy act when handling your personal data, such as personal information and bank card information. the casinos are required to follow strict procedures with, among other things, an advanced ssl system for encryption of all sensitive data. also your financial transactions, both in and out, are encrypted for your safety. this is avoided that your information is abused and exposed to fraud. at serious casinos, operating with this system, you will usually never experience problems with either deposits or withdrawals. however, in some cases you have to lubricate with some patience before you get your money paid.

What rights you have
When asked what rights you have as a player at a casino, the answer is: "Many, if you play at a licensed casino". If the casino has a license from a license issuer, it is this instant that has the overall authority about the casino waives its responsibility and you need to submit a complaint about the aforementioned casino. If the casino does not have a valid license, then the race is run. Then you have virtually no rights, at least you come no way. A junk casino will hardly take on the responsibility, as they know that there is no direct consequences as long as there is no license publisher inside the picture.

Are there many rogue players on the market?
the casino jungle is huge, and fortunately most of the players are to be trusted. today, there is a tough market with competition in all bauer and edges, and those who want to conduct serious business in the casino industry today cannot afford to fail in any joint. however, you may come down to those who seem to have some unclean flour in the bag, either deliberately or because they lack experience in the industry. a clear sign of the latter is whether the casino settles in the seals to help you out of the pinch of any payment problems. Mistakes can occur - most importantly, the error is corrected! We recommend you choose one of the casinos on our Top 20 list over online casinos.

You may feel unfairly treated at an online casino, either because payout is not completely trouble -free or because you think they are not generous enough with the winnings. Here it is important that you have checked the casino's RTP in advance. RTP shows you how many percent of all turnover goes out again in winnings. Most preferably, this should be over 95 %, which is a rate in the middle of the tree. Problematic payout is also an annoyance one would prefer to avoid, but then it is important to stand on the requirement and not give up. Contact customer service as many times as you need it!

at a serious casino, you will get a sense of justice as much as possible. however, you must be aware that you are not guaranteed to win mass and often - it is completely wrong to log it on to the casino. you come first and foremost to have fun! however, the license issuer will ensure that you get fair games by requiring the casino to use a random number generator on all games. such a generator vilø randomly determines the outcome of each game round, and will not be able to be manipulated by neither casino nor customer. the outcome should also not depend on efforts.

In short, it will always be worthwhile to play at a casino with all licenses in order. If they also have certifications from, for example, Digicert, Labtech etc., then it's just a . The fact that the casino has a valid play license will not say that problems can never arise, because it happens even the best. The important thing then is that the casino takes responsibility and solves the problem for you in a pleasant and satisfactory way. In the worst case, you know that a license issuer can help you and possibly handle your case. Trust the gut feeling when choosing a new casino, and feel free to benefit from other people's experiences in the field!

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